Welcome! My name is Rachael, I’m the founder and director of Sober Mama Ltd. I began my journey to sobriety in 2021 when after many years of problem drinking, an impending divorce, and managing life as a newly single mother of two young boys, I finally took the decision to quit alcohol for good.

In the first couple of months, I read every piece of literature I could get my hands on about giving up alcohol, but whilst it was useful, there was a major problem for me. I could find countless guidance on why alcohol is bad for you, but I couldn’t find a single document, book or course that really told me how to give it up. I couldn’t find anything that told me how to cope with the stress of 5pm after the school run and a full day of work. I needed to know what the hell to do at 7pm when I was bored, craving sugar like it was crack cocaine, desperate to open a bottle of wine and twiddling my thumbs trying to find something to do with the newfound time (and boredom) on my hands. I didn’t just need to know about why alcohol was bad for me, I needed to know how to change my life to fit being sober. And this is where Sober Mama was born.

I have blogged since the very start of my journey to show the transitions I’ve been through and to show other mums that it can be done. I started drinking when I was 14 years old and for 25 years I used alcohol as a coping mechanism for dealing with life. When I quit, I had to devise a new strategy, a new plan for dealing with day to day problems, and a whole new way of living. Having created a formula to stop drinking, my passion in life is now to help other mums give up alcohol. My life has transformed for the better and if I can do it, anyone can. I regularly give free advice on my blog and the Facebook Group ‘Sober Mama’, but for those of you who need more support than that, for those of you who need what I did when I gave up, I have a Freedom Programme to guide you.

The Freedom Programme was designed by me, whilst I was giving up alcohol. I understand the process. I’ve lived and breathed it. And I know how to make it far easier than trying to ‘white knuckle’ your way through it on your own. My 90-day programme will take you from daily drinking to sobriety, but this is the very least of it. You’ll learn about why alcohol is bad for you, how to recover, how to organise your life now you’re sober, how to use your time productively, how to get back your energy, become super healthy, lose weight, massively improve your appearance, get back heaps of time for yourself (how much do we wish for that mums?!) prevent triggers from happening, manage life events you can’t avoid and most importantly, find fun and joy in sobriety.

If you’re interested in transforming your entire life for the better and would like your hand to be held through the process, check out The Freedom Programme tab and book a 15-minute call with me to find out if and how I can help you. If you complete The Freedom Programme, you WILL get sober, but this course is not a ‘sit back and learn’ process. It requires commitment, action and dedication to completing the tasks. This is why you cannot book The Freedom Programme online. I have a freedom call with every single client to ensure that the programme is right for them. There is no point in taking the course if you’re not fully invested to do the work, but if you are, you will be successful, and I can only begin to explain the transformation you will go through.

If you are ready to make every single aspect of your life better, live longer and become the best mum you can be, make the call.

15 minutes can be the start of the rest of your life.