The 90 day Freedom Programme

Do you wake up every night at 3am with intense anxiety?

Do you wake early in the morning with self-hatred, anxiety, and fears for your health? Do you worry about your liver function?

Do you fear you will die too young? Do you fear for your children growing up without a mother?

Do you tell yourself in the morning that you need to change, that you need to stop drinking and you won’t pick up a glass that evening, only to get to the end of a stressful day and open a bottle of wine again?

Do you worry that if you quit drinking, you’ll never have fun again?

Do you worry that if you quit drinking, you’ll lose or change your friendships / relationships?

Are you a ‘grey area’ drinker?  Can you manage a night or two without alcohol, (or even a whole pregnancy!) but you always go back to unhealthy drinking behaviours?

Do you ever have ‘black-out’ – where you can’t remember what you said or did the night before?

Do you ever embarrass yourself or upset people when you’ve been drinking?

Have you tried to quit drinking or cut down on drinking alcohol before?

Have you ever been told by a healthcare professional that you need to stop drinking alcohol?

Do you find yourself giving up drinking for days, or even weeks, to find yourself back at square one again every time, drinking more than before?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above questions, The Freedom Programme may be right for you. We understand how tough it can feel to quit alcohol alone, and that’s why we want to help you to break the cycle, transform your life and become free.

If making the life change to sobriety is something you wish for desperately, but you are worried if this is for you, we’ve got you!

Our Freedom Programme is a 7-step approach, tailored specifically and exclusively for mums who want to give up alcohol. We will hold your hand through the above guided process. You do not have to do this alone. It is scientifically proven that some of the most intelligent people suffer with alcoholism – this is because some of the attributes of highly successful people are the same as addicts! If you’re struggling to quit alone, don’t feel defeated. It’s often the smartest people that need the most help. Why make life hard for yourself when you can book a ten-minute call, allow us to help you and start to live the rest of your life in good health and happiness. All you need to do is trust us, lean in to our process and follow the guidance….and you will succeed.

Selection Criteria

At Sober Mama we do not help people to moderate or cut down their intake of alcohol. It is actually far harder to moderate than it is to quit completely! Our Freedom Programme is strictly for mums who have made the decision to quit alcohol for good. Our programme consists of a 90-day online course combined with online group coaching.

To qualify for The Freedom Programme you must:-

  • Be a mum who wants to quit drinking alcohol for good.
  • We only offer this programme to mums who want to give up alcohol – we do not take clients suffering with any other drug addiction.
  • Want to be sober more than anything else – it doesn’t matter how long or how many times you’ve tried to quit on your own.
  • Be committed to completing the tasks assigned to you on the course.
  • Be able to embrace new lifestyle changes, even if you’re sceptical. It’s vitally important that you trust our process.
  • This programme is not a substitute for individual therapy / counselling. If you are engaging with a therapist, then we recommend you continue with this throughout the course.

If giving up alcohol and changing your life is a priority for you, click the below button to book your 15 minute complimentary Freedom call. This is not a sales call. We will discuss if and how we can help you using the above selection criteria, and make a plan for you to get to exactly where you want to be.

If we don’t believe the course is right for you, we will be honest and signpost you to where we think you should be seeking help.